Sico silicon products are the first choice for use in semiconductor poly, nitride and CVD processes.

High purity semiconductor grade silicon is the raw material for wafers.
Sico machines extremly high pure silicon for silicon process tubes, injectors, pedestals and carrierboats.

The materials high temperature capability and the same thermal expansion coefficient as the wafers, helps the customer to reduce particle defects and slips.
Sico can machine silicon and form it into shapes, only known from quartz until now.

Silicon material specs.

  Silicon Quartz SiC
Devitrification No Yes No
1200 to 1300 °C Stable Plastic, Warps Stable
Coefficient of thermal Expansion Similar to silicon wafer ~5 Times less ~1.85 Times more
Thermal conductivity (1000 °C) Similar to wafer ~10 Times higher ~10% less
Estimated costs of ownership (anno) 100% ~380% ~195%
Slip at 1200 °C None N.A. Yes
Purity 0.35 4.1 1.45


Sico high purity silicon wafer carriers

  • for wafers from 2” up to 12 “ diameter
  • slot width starting at 0,3 mm
  • slot configuration allows a wafer capacity of 1 to 400
  • horizontal or vertical design
  • available as plates, tubes or profile carriers
  • carriers are compatible with automated wafer transport systems
  • for all major furnace systems, ASM, Tokyo Electron, Kokosai and others
  • for high temperature processes up to 1200°C

Sico Silicon Injectors

Patented technology

Other high purity silicon products

  • Silicon tubes up to 230 mm diameter, length up to 2300mm
  • available with ball joints and gas fittings
  • matching end caps for most standard horizontal and vertical furnaces
  • Liner, injector, pedestal for all furnace systems
  • Plates and prisms

Sico's Special Connection technologies

Glassing Technology for silicon products
for high temperature applications ( up to 1200 ° C ) , acid resistant

Crystallisation for silicon products
for high temperature applications ( up to 1300 ° C ) , acid resistant