Sico uses fused silica and fused quartz to manufacture components widely needed in the optical and semiconductor industry.

Quartz glass is produced from silicon dioxide and is a highly pure material. Quartzglass has superior thermal and optical properties and is used widely in semiconductor processes.

Sico Technology is producing two types of quartzglass

natural fused quartz SILUX

SILUX®- Glasses are produced by flame fusing chemically and physically pretreated and selected natural crystal quartz.

synthetic fused silica SQE, SQ 0, SQ1, SQ 2 mostly used for optical applications.

SQ-Glasses are synthetic quartz glasses produced from high purity SiCl4, by the flame pyrolysis method. These glasses are free of bubbles and inclusions and are distinguished from other glasses by good transmission in UV and visible spectral range. The types SQ0 – SQ2 are different regarding to homogeneity, layers, inclusions and transmission in the deep UV range.

Sico can provide Quartzware for all of the common applications such as: CVD, EPI, high temperature and chemical processes. Sico owns over 6000 square meter of production area. Inhouse abilities include machining, core drilling, grinding, polishing, as well as glass blowing bench, quartz glass resizing and refurbishing of all kind of quartz glass.
Sico is qualified for the following quartz raw material suppliers:
Heraeus HSQ 100, HSQ 300
Momentive GE 214, GE 124

Special Products