• Quartz

    Since 1984, Sico Technology GmbH has been manufacturing high quality custom parts for the semiconductor, fiber optic and optical industry. Manufacturing facilities are located in Austria, Singapore and the United States with complete fabrication abilities while continuously improving quartz capabilities.

  • Silicon

    Sico Technology offers solutions and services with continuously set new standards in quality, precision and application. This enables us to offer our customers the highest quality of high purity Silicon carriers, injectors, liners and tubes. Sico is the world leader in producing Silicon parts due to R&D Experience over decades, allowing us to meet or exceed our customers expectations.

  • Ceramic

    Ceramics for semiconductor applications are high in purity with low levels of trace metals. Therefore, can constitute either the process chamber material or interior process surfaces for CVD, PVD, and plasma etching. Sico provides expertise in machining or repairing Ceramic parts.

Sico Group


Sico welcomes a new member in our group: QSI

Sico East Coast Inc. with its parent company Sico Technology GmbH expands its manufacturing capabilities in the US by acquisition of QSI - Quartz Scientific Inc. “With the acquisition of QSI in Ohio, w …

2023/07/03 -

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Sico East coast inc.

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Ph: +1 407 323 5002
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9530 Bad Bleiberg, Austria
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9241 Wernberg, Austria
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To help customers around the world realize their full potential.

Our Vision

Our Technology will change the world.